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무역뉴스 세계 각국의 글로벌 바이어 한국방문 상담 바이어명부
 글쓴이 : 운영자
해외바이어 한국방문 상담전 

해외시장(중남미, 중동 등)을 포함한 세계 각국의 서비스업계 글로벌 바이어가 한국을 방문하여 관심있는 한국바이어와 1:1 상담을 원하는 업체명부입니다. 홈페이지를 통해 많은 정보를 얻기를 바랍니다.

독일 Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG
App Business and Music Education, Korea Wave Related Products : Music Merchandising Related to education : Daekyo, Woongjin Publishing, Woongjun Thinkbig, JEI jaeneung education, Froebel Media, Hansol Education, Korea Gymboree unreservedly education, Chunjae education

미국 Monster Cable Products Inc
Monster is interested in developing strategic partnerships with Korean Hallyu stars to expand their global reach. Considering Monster manufactures quality headphones, they would be interested in meeting with companies and brands who would like to develop a new line of headphones. This could be open to Character companies with a loyal fan base, and gaming companies with high reach audiences.

일본 Rock Music Publishing(JAPAN)
Character, Game, Broadcasting/Film, Korean Wave, Smart Content, Franchise

중국 Asian Girl’s DJ Management 
K-POP artist management companies , model agency, DJs project teamsc etc

대만 DA DA Arts Promotion 
music show

중국 Eurostar Carnival (HK) Ltd.
Purpose(s) of Visit: To meet potential business partners, e.g. Live theatrical performance, events and concerts

중국 Global Mania Empire Management Ltd. 
Music/MV production house, dance studio, styling companies, K-POP artist management companies etc which could help training and styling their Hong Kong artists

대만 G-Music records co.,LTD
korean wave: star character merchandising, beauty fashion,Music show

중국 Lai Fung Holdings
want to invest in E-learning, Entertainment Agency, Game (MMORPG)

중국 Lion Rock Pictures
Entertainment / content / hi-tech

중국 MOOV China IPTV
Music content / Artist Merchandise / Concert ticketing cooperation

케냐 Nation Media Group
Korean dramas or other K-wave contents

중국 Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Co Ltd
Music content

중국 United Events Limited 
Purpose(s) of Visit Finding potential business partners Live theatrical performance, events and concerts

대만 Very Aspect Culture Group
Companies want to talk : 1 Woollim Ent. 2 YG Ent. 3 Starship Ent. 4 Amoeba Culture 5 Core Content 6. FNC 7. Pledis 8. YMC Ent. 9. Cube Ent. 10.JYP 11.SM Interesting about: includes concert, fan meeting or any other possible show

폴란드 ADD Media Entertainment
Broadcasting/Film: Drama, Discovery, Documentary, Education, Feature film Design: packaging, Electonic devises, Home appliances Smart Content: Mobile contents

미국 Bang Zoom! Entertainment
Bang Zoom! Entertainment specializes in localizing live action and animated properties from the Asian markets, working with Korea, China & Japan. In Korea, Bang Zoom! Entertainment has localized titles like Pororo, R2B: Return to Base & Masquerade for CJ Entertainment.

중국 Beijing Classic Financial & Business Investment Co., Ltd.
movie , drama, entertainment

중국 Beijing Datang Brilliant Media Co.,Ltd
Drama,Comedy,Documentary,Feature Film,Star character Merchandising ,Music Merchandising

중국 Beijing performance&arts

중국 Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited
Culture, Economic, Trade, Travel and Music

미국 Fox Television Studios 
The companies FOX is looking for are those that are most active in the film industry. They are NOT looking to talk to production houses that only work for Television. The ideal candidates would be those companies that continually work directly with the most prolific writers and directors in Korea. Access to the creative minds (the writers, producer, and directors) is the #1 most important part of our overall international strategy. For example, some of these creators would include: Chan-wook Park, Jee-won Kim, and Joon-ho Bong. Content of Interest: Broadcasting/Film - Broadcast/Film: Drama, Feature Film

파키스탄 Geo TV
Korean Dramas, Serials/ documentary, Reality, Comedy, kids Programming

중국 Guangdong Elegance Culture
Cell (2D), Console , Drama, Music Show, Music Merchandising

중국 Guangdong Guangshi Media Co.,ltd
Drama, Music show, Game show,shorts

중국 Guangdong Southern Television
Drama , Comedy, Education, Music Show, Game Show , Star character Merchandising , Music Merchandising

헝가리 Magyar RTL Zrt
K-wave related TV programs, K-pop, YG entertainment, JYP entertainment, S.M. entertainment, Star J Entertainment, AM Entertainment, Key East

Broadcasting/Film: Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Feature film

중국 PCCW Media Ltd. - Now TV
suitable content for broadcast

1. animation: cell (2D), adventure, science fiction 2. feature film PCTV wants to meet FINE CUT(feature film), ICONIX ENTERTAINMENT (animation for teens), STUDIO KAAB (animation for teens/SF), LIQUID BRAIN (animation for teens/SF)

Korean Music, Korean Radio. Our purpose is to relate all the content market and entertainment from every country. We would like to participate in all the business about entertainment and also present Korea through our radio. We would like to focus on technology to apply it to the development of entertainment contents. We are also interested in Digital contents.

캐나다 Rogers Media 
Korean Dramas, News, and Cultural Contents from KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS

미국 RT I 
RTI is interested in Telenovelas - series. They would like to meet with MBC, KBS and SBS for broadcasting/film and franchsing.

중국 Shenzhen Media Group 
Drama, Shorts

Animation, character, game, broadcasting/film

폴란드 Telewizja Polska S.A. (TVP) 
Broadcast/Film: Drama, Documentary, Education, Music show, Game show, Film, History

미국 Turner Broadcasting 
Turner is interested in meeting with Samsung (digital innovations), CJ (entertainment/content), LG (new products/innovations), and Cyworld (digtal monetization).

폴란드 TVN S.A. 
Broadcasting/Film: Drama, Comedy, TV Series

캐나다 Guru Studio 
Hoping to have meetings with 3D Animation compnaies like Iconix, Tuba Entertainment, Vooz.

미국 Panini Media UK 
Panini Media is interested in meeting with MQBIG (BURU), SYNERGY Media (LARVA), Studio Animal (Ghost Messenger), and HHH.

미국 ToonZone Studios Inc. 
Toonzone is a independent boutique studio that has offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Korea. We are a unique creative driven studio that works with the best creative teams around the world to create shows that are entertaining with pro-social responsibilities. We would like to meet with companies in the mobile/online contents provider field, like TVing, pooq, and hoppin (Samsung), and CJ E&M. Toonzone is interested in both doing business with companies in Korea and bringing those companies into the US, and they are looking to meeting talented Korean studios of all sizes who are looking to launch their brand internationally in order to bring Korean Content to the global marketplace.

mobile content, games, other reladed to wireline and wireless broadband, and voice services

mobile content, boradband services, games

인도 Loop Mobile Ltd 
Mobile applications and Mobile Entertainment Content

일본 NO.1Solutions Inc. 
Mobile Game

digital content, and mobile technology, web technollogy and platforms.

태국 Shin Corporation PLC.(AIS) 
1.Smart content such as mobile content and mobile service 2. Braocasting film such as Drama, Education, Music show, Feature film, Sport, Comedy, Sports 3. E-Lerning contents

일본 Tera Mobile 
Game, E-learning, Design, Franchise, Smart mobile contents (application)

1. UPC’s main focus will be the Broadcasting/Film category with the genres: Sport, Feature Film, Education, Comedy, Discovery, Documentary. Among all these genres, the Sport content would be the most important and we are interested in standalone rights and/or linear sport TV channels. 2. Secondly, the other categories we are interested in would be: - E Learning with all related components (solution, content and service) - Games (Digital Platform 2 way and other genres to be identified) - Smart content with all related components (s/w, content and services)

폴란드 Forever Entertainment S.A. 
Console, Mobile, Sports, Action, Adventure game


독일 Gameforge 4D GmbH 
Online Game, Mobile Game, Mobile Content

중국 Gamewave 
mobile game , web game

독일 gamigo AG 
Mobile, Online/Internet, Driving, MMORPG, RPG, Sports, RTS, FPS, Action, Web Board, Adventure

폴란드 GRY-OnLine SA 
Online/Internet game: MMORPG, RPG, Sports, RTS, FPS, Action, Adventure game

독일 iLogos Europe 
Gama: Mobile, Online/Internet, RPG, Sports, RTS, Action, Web Board, Adventure

독일 InnoGames GmbH 
Game: Mobile, Online/Internet, MMORPG, Cross Platform

Mobile SW, Mobile Content, Mobile Service. Game publishing/ Mobile Games, Online/Internet Games etc. Broadcasting/film/animation(Drama, Education, Comedy, Discovery, Documentary etc)

대만 Lager Network Tech Inc., 
Hope to outsourcing related with game contents Companies want to talk : Gravity Neowiz A.P.D JCE Gamevil

독일 Net mobile AG 
Online Game, Mobile Game, Mobile Content

독일 ProSiebenSat1.Media AG 
Online Game, Mobile Game, Mobile Content

중국 Shanghai Muhe 
Mobile, Online/Internet, MMORPG, RPG, RTS, Adventure Games

스페인 Tecnalia Research & Innovation 
Hope to talk with-Contents : Victron- Social games Atoonz-Co-develop new games Blissoft-Casual game AlphaCloud-Multi-platform game, G-Learning Toppig-Online casual game

캐나다 TransGaming Inc 
Online, PC, and Mobile Games

캐나다 XMG Studio Inc 
Interested in co-development with S.Korean gaming compnies (Mobile, Driving, Fashion, Card Collector Games), Smart Contents (Mobile SW)

일본 Osaka Business&Investment Center 
산후 조리원 시스템 및 노하우

일본 Japan Postnatal Care Association (JPCA ) 
산후조리원 시스템 및 노하우 프렌차이즈 등

일본 Medical corporation Kokusai 
산후 조리원

일본 OKUSUAI Medical Enterprise Development Co., Ltd 
한국 산후조리원 시스템, 설계, 시공

일본 Pia corporation 
산후조리원 시스템 및 시설

호주 SKS Partners 
Want to talk with - Caffebene - Ediya - Blackmug - Mies cafe etc

캐나다 Automated Learning 
E-learning solutions for corporations and its employees. Co-developmet of E-learning solutions (localization)

미얀마 FUTURE Link
E-learning Solution, E-learning Service

일본 I-Service Co., Ltd 
Korean language learning, Hnaryu medical trip, Korean language over ship tanning, IT design.

독일 Paymentwall Inc 
we are interessed in all of E-Learning as well as solution, content and service, then also every contents about Game. Additionally we are looking for korean supplier about monetization solution.

중국 Midea Group 
product design in Home Appliances

중국 WASU Digital TV Media Group Co.,Ltd 
TV contents

중국 Xinhua Ruide/ beijing yunyu shikong 
Mobile games ,animation, drama

중국 Multiplex Cinema Ltd. 
1. Korean Wave related product such as KPOP concert movies of Korean Wave programs that can be released in cinema. 2. Live viewing opportunities of KPOP concert to be vroadcast to cinema in real time. 3. KPOP related merchandise products

중국 Youku Tudou Inc. 
DRAMA, movie, entertainment , animation, game

프랑스 Dailymotion 
Media contents on Internet

싱가포르 SPE Networks
movies/films in Korea market

이탈리아 A-Pictures 
Animation, Broadcast/Film

영국 Reckitt Benckiser 
New design for Airwick airfresheners (for product dispenser as well as for sales packaging) ? New design for Clearasil anti-acne treatment ? New design for Harpic Liquid toilet bowl cleaner ? New design for Nurofen Over-the counter medicine ? New design for Durex condom packaging


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